Another one bites the dust

18 miles did not happen this morning.

Did not even come close to happening.

At about 5.3 miles, I tripped on a crack in the cement and face planted. Well, everything hit the ground except my face, and hit hard. My knee started bleeding profusely and every single joint on my left side is scraped up and bruised. RE found me on the sidewalk- thank goodness I decided to run with my phone today. lesson learned. He helped me get to the clinic on campus to see whether I needed stitches since it was a pretty deep gash on my knee cap.

Luckily the doctor said nothing needed to be done and I could be back to running as soon as I feel like it. This half-dollar size soon-to-be scabbed knee is going to look awesome peaking out beneath the hem of my dress at the wedding this weekend. And now I need to figure out how I’m going to “make-up” this run.

I don’t miss many runs on my schedule, and I don’t try to make them up when I do. But Hal Higdon- whose program I’m using- emphasizes that it’s fine to skip runs here and there you really need to commit to the long runs. If I can stay on top of class work this week, I may try for 18 again on Monday morning. At this point it looks like I don’t have any class scheduled, but things change frequently, especially at the beginning of the semester.

I feel like I’ve been in a running funk for the past couple weeks and desperately need to get out of it. I think the jump in weekly mileage is making me more tired and making it harder for my legs to recover. I feel like I’m getting slower and slower despite covering the distance. It makes sense, but it is frustrating that fewer and fewer runs “feel good.” At the same time, I’ve put in too many weeks of training to give up now. Marathon, here I come!


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