Money can’t buy you class

The lyrics above are in honor of the Real Housewives of New York who were instrumental in making today’s run a good one.

I FINALLY had a good run after what seems like weeks of disappointing speeds and mentally tough miles. Today I met both the distance and speed goals I set during my drive to the gym! 8.75 miles in 75ish minutes.

I was stuck in traffic on the way over so I had extra time to think. It gave me a second to remember that 9 months ago it was a challenge for me to run 3 miles without a walk break. I was running at 6.7 mph, 0% incline on a good day and I never dared to venture outside. In April/May my “long run” was 7 or 8 miles. I remember the 7 mile run because I ran with two friends after a final. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to cover the distance and high-fived my buddies at the end of it because it was my personal distance record. Now 8 miles is my middle-of-the-week run sandwiched between two 5 mile runs.

I also spent some time reminding myself that my running goals are not the same as so many of those I see in the blogging world. I’m never going to be a person who runs 60ish miles/week because I’ve committed to a time-intensive career path and also look forward to having a family. Family and career will be my priorities and it is unrealistic to think I could ever commit the time required for those kind of miles. It may seem silly, but I think I needed this reminder. I was getting bogged down by the accomplishments of others and forgetting how far I’ve come.

Once I jumped on the treadmill I realized Bravo was replaying the Real Housewives of New York episode I missed on Monday. It was a run meant to be 🙂 No matter, I think my run would have been just as strong, but being able to get lost in the ladies’ drama definitely made the time go faster.

There is also a possibility that my food choices helped with this run. I was hungry all day and just kept eating carbs. Probably enough “bonus” carbs to balance out the calories I burned during the run, but whatever.

Lastly I did interval running which kept me interested and helped keep my speed up.

6.5×5 min for warm-up

6.7×3 min, 7.0x3min, 7.3x3min, 7.5×1 minute (10 minute routine). I was going to just repeat this 6 times but felt inspired at the end of the first set so decided to reverse it. So instead of doing just 1 minute at 7.5, I did 2 and then worked my way back down the speed “pyramid”. For the interval at 6.7, I limited it to the 3 minutes rather than doubling it and then started the climb back up to 7.5.

Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend for 5 miles. I think my legs will be tired, but hopefully this is the start of some great run weeks! I was pretty down after my fall a week ago. My knee is still pretty gruesome-looking and tender to the touch, but it doesn’t hurt once I start moving 🙂


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