Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame

This week has definitely been one where I’ve had to buckle down and get in school-mode. Aside from a few breaks on Saturday, it’s going to continue to be non-stop studying through the weekend so that I’m ready for a “midterm” on Monday. I use quotations because it’s not for a grade, but if I don’t get myself ready for it now, it will be so much harder to catch up before finals.

Last Saturday I completed that 18 mile run I canned the day I fell. The first 14 miles were no problem because I was accompanied by a great friend. I think I only ate 2 shot blocks (individuals, not packs) and didn’t even finish the 20 oz. of water I carry on my fuel belt. I was feeling awesome, but totally lost my drive once we parted ways for my final 4 miles. I know I could have physically run the miles without a problem, but it was a huge mental battle. The mental messages of “you’re tired, just take a little break” were overwhelming and won out quite a few times. So while it wasn’t the strongest 18 miles, I still covered the distance. If I can just figure out this mental game before the race, I will be golden 🙂

This weekend will be the true test because I need to log 19 miles and my long-distance running buddy MF is out of town. I am already trying to come up with some motivating mantras and hopefully a good audiobook. I know my legs can do this run, but I need to quiet my thoughts. Tomorrow I’ll write a post about my strategy and our fun plans for the weekend- the little parts not spent studying.

We are in the middle of football season, and I can’t believe I’ve excluded our love of Notre Dame from even the few posts I’ve written. My husband and I are both alumni and have an undying love for ND. Just being on campus revitalizes us and every trip back “home” is thrilling. So it is practically unheard of for us to miss even a minute of any game. The only exception we make is for weddings, but even that is a tough sacrifice and we do (secretly) begrudge the couple a tiny bit- come on, it’s football season!

Anyway, last weekend we joined the Minneapolis/St. Paul Alumni gamewatch and had such a great time. They set up a “tailgate” in the parking lot and we were able to spend a few hours “pregaming” before kickoff. We generally don’t go to these events because it is too loud to hear the game, but this week it really was a fabulously fun time. The Irish are now 3-0, ranked #11…we did not see this coming and have our fingers crossed that luck stays on our side. We’ve lost many, many games in the past 9 seasons of which I’ve been a part. Maybe the tides are turning? I’m too scared to hope!

This weekend will be much quieter with full attention directed at the game- but more on that tomorrow. Time to get back to the books!


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