Taking care of business and working overtime

So much to do tonight…it may be a poor coping mechanism, but I think the frequency with which I blog will be in proportion to the amount of studying I have hanging over my head. My plan is to study until about midnight tonight and pick up again around 8 tomorrow morning, but at 3 pm the fun gets started. Yeah, it may be a super lame Friday night, but it’s the only way I can take a break tomorrow.

At 3, I’m shutting down my computer and hitting the pavement. My plan is to run to my in-law’s house for my 19 mile run. I’m really going to force myself to keep running and finish by 6 because the Notre Dame game kicks off at 6:30. RE will meet me at his parents (with clean clothes/shower stuff, etc.) and we’ll all settle in to cheer on the Irish.

I’ve biked over to my in-law’s house once, but got lost along the way where some of the trails were less clearly marked. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out tomorrow. Worst case, RE is ready and waiting for an “I’m lost…come pick me up, please!” phone call. Now, if I don’t finish by kick-off, all bets are off because I may not be able to pry him away from the television- another reason I better keep my legs moving!

It’s supposed to be in the mid-50’s/ low-60’s tomorrow so I’m hoping that helps keep me going. I didn’t get an audiobook, so I’m going to have to stick with music or podcasts. I’ll figure it out tomorrow morning. I’m a little nervous about running in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning, but it’s the most efficient way to cram all the things I want to do in with the things I need to do.

Good luck to all those other long-runners tomorrow!


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